Friday, 9 July 2010

J-Lo x


These images are selling her sexy image, with her body and looks. However she looks innocent and cute in these pictures, but has been portrayed otherwise in her videos etc..

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Feedback from P3-14

We thought that the video was very good because it was all in time with the music, and the visuals met the lyrics, as it was in an urban setting and they were wearing urban "chavy" clothes. The dancing in the video was really good when they reversed the backflip in slow motion to make it look like a front flip. The added special effects in that are really good like when the cards came out of the hand.



  1. Held shot steady
  2. Frame shot excluding and including elements
  3. used variety of shot distances
  4. Definitely shot material appropriate to the task set
  5. Selected mise en scene perfectly
  6. Editing is apparent to meaning is apparent to viewer
  7. Used variety of effects
  • Definitely meets genre characteristics
  • Visual and music matched
  • sells artist
We felt this was cleverly executed and the dancing was very professional, lip singing was really good and was an overall really enjoyable and realistic video for the genre.
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